Frogskinu’s Swamp Secrets Revealed Workshop

The Cause

Our idea is to take our very successful in school program, Swamp Secrets Revealed, and redevelop it to work as a standalone workshop for youth.

Growing Up With Money Smarts – everyone talks about the absolute need for youth to become financially capable in today’s world. FrogskinU Educational Foundation Ltd. is doing something about it, right now.

We deliver Swamp Secrets Revealed, a unique five-lesson program in schools, that teaches kids how to deal in, and cope with, money. In addition to the distinct, engaging hands-on learning style of the program, Swamp Secrets Revealed uniquely combines lessons about managing money and making healthy consumer decisions. Woven into the fun, are serious lessons on topics such as distinguishing between wants and needs, discovering how money machines really work, the high cost of credit and how to spot a scam. They’re all wrapped up in lesson titles like “Getting Swamped” and “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” which spark students’ interest right from the start.

Since January 2010, FrogskinU has visited 80 classrooms; helping 9,500 students in grades 4, 5 and 6 understand essential money skills. Test results to date show students’ knowledge rose from 3% correct answers to 78% correct answers in five lessons.

Over the past two years we’ve had opportunities to deliver similar programming in a workshop format through Community Centres, City of Calgary recreation centres, youth groups and credit unions.

In our workshop, kids will learn about: budgeting; where money comes from, exactly; the real cost of money and the pitfalls of plastic; what it takes to avoid schemes, scams and fraud; how and where money can grow, and what can happen when you’re not resourceful. Once the learning is complete, they will celebrate growing up with money smarts in a ceremony complete with graduation certificates!

Who Will it Benefit?

FrogskinU’s program, Swamp Secrets Revealed, was developed for youth in grades 4, 5 and 6. That represents over 20,000 students. A workshop designed around our current programming will benefit all youth in Calgary and Area. Our intention is to develop the workshop to engage parents/guardians and caregivers as well.

Together, they will:

Get involved with their money by committing to learning the basics.
Make saving a habit, understanding how to avoid the potential pitfalls of managing money.
When in doubt about money, working effectively with parents or an advisor (someone they trust).
Start now to get ahead. Taking a long-term outlook to saving and investing.
Know how to evaluate risk vs return as well as the difference between needs vs wants.
Learn how to protect their money and to achieve more with it.
Establish open and honest dialogue and a level of trust with financial concepts.

The workshop will be made available to youth groups such as Girl Guides of Canada, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area and Boys and Girls Club as well as Community Centers throughout Calgary and Area. We have also had discussions with Momentum regarding delivering the youth workshop to their adult financial literacy clientele and First Calgary Financial regarding delivery to their members and families.

With several requests over the past two years, there is a clear need in the community for this type of workshop.