Future Creators

The Cause

Future Creators is a non-profit organization based at the University of Alberta that inspires future engineers and technology innovators by providing youth with the mentors, knowledge, and resources to bring their own technology projects to life. Students are matched with a pair of knowledgeable university engineering student mentors. Additionally, these student mentors have access to support and guidance from the University of Alberta Engineering Faculty. Our projects usually use some combination of Arduino, 3-D Printing, and Coding. To establish a base of knowledge for any students who need it, we have beginner courses in all these areas. We give any parts needed for free of charge! From Arduinos (mini-computers) to sensors, wires, batteries, 3D-printer access and 3D printing filament. We make sure students have all they need to make their idea a reality. Future Creators inspires prospective engineers and focuses on generating innovating skills among them. We help in building a strong scientific foundation among school students. We provide mentees with hands-on experience required to develop employment relatable skills. Our club helps students to obtain knowledge and experience by working on technology projects at an early age which is very beneficial for them. We provide project kits to all our mentees which include high quality items required to complete their projects. We also use efficient teaching methods so that students can grasp the concepts clearly. Our mentors make sure all the mentees are involved in the projects by communicating with them regularly and guiding them through problems.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our club is a not for profit organization which provides a great opportunity for school students to learn engineering skills without any fees. This program is directed to provide maximum benefits to our mentees. Many of the school children do not get enough opportunities to work on the practical and real life application of science and engineering concepts at their school, so we focus on helping them develop problem-solving skills using the theoretical concepts. Our idea is to inspire children to think out of the box and be creative while designing or manufacturing engineering products. Every mentee has a unique way of thinking and we help them to develop and apply it using our technological projects. Another part of Future Creators is our mentors who are university students that first learn the projects and then mentor it to our mentees. It also gives our mentors a platform to get experience in teaching at such a young age.