Game Plan (Youth Mental Health Initiative)

The Cause

This new program “Game Plan” will be a comprehensive mental health program that will assist athletes, coaches & team staff as well as parents & billets:
 To learn about mental health, mental illness and substance use.
 To build their skills to enhance their mental well-being and manage stress.
 To recognize the warning signs & support someone who is experiencing a mental health concern or substance use problem.
 And finally where to go for help.
Game Plan will support the development of natural community helpers and create connections that build resilience and the confidence to reach out for help.
Game plan will create the foundation for our young athletes and the adults who support them to develop their personal game plan for positive mental & physical well-being.

Who Will it Benefit?

This initiative will be available for anyone seeking the resource and offered in particular through organized sport and recreation as well as marketed through the school system. This concept will benefit children and adolescents as well as their peers, coaches and families.