Garden for Growth

The Cause

Picture a dull and lack luster outdoor space over grown with weeds surrounded by high barbwire fencing. (See Pic.1) Depressing isn\'t it? Now, imagine a space that is a beautiful wellness area with vibrant flowers and vegetables in an accessible community garden, a large pergola, multiple cozy seating areas, and an outdoor patio with music being played. (See Pic. 2) This is the Garden for Growth Project. A community project which will transform some existing space for Lethbridge Family Services into an amazing wellness and treatment area with a community garden that will donate 50% of the produce grown to local food banks. The Garden will promote independence and nourish growth for the vulnerable populations served by LFS in numerous ways. Lethbridge Family Services has been helping individuals and families since 1910. Every year our agency supports over 5,500 people improve their quality of life and well-being. This project will augment the work we are doing.

Who Will it Benefit?

The Garden for Growth will benefit a myriad of vulnerable populations in addition to the community of Southern Alberta as it provides multiple growth opportunities. Individuals with developmental disabilities and newcomers to Canada will be able to learn cooking skills, music skills, urban farming techniques, and the gift of giving. Victims of trauma will be able to participate in innovative counselling and education sessions to improve their quality of life. Seniors will be able to maintain and increase their mobility with new exercise opportunities. Youth at risk will be able to participate in meaningful philanthropy to learn about helping others and innovative music therapy.Plus, the community will benefit from the produce donated and the opportunity to engage with these vulnerable populations to make a difference in their lives. This garden will impact thousands of people on an annual basis as they learn new skills, grow their independence, and improve their quality of life.