Generator for Expansion to Grand Manor

The Cause

Excel Society is in the process of building a five floor addition to Grand Manor (an apartment hotel providing assisted living to vulnerable Albertans) to accommodate another 64 barrier free suites on four floors. The ground floor will house the Excel Academy (a private vocational school providing HCA and Community Support Worker certificates), presently located in the existing Grand Manor. The original Academy space will provide the recreation therapy program a permanent location.
The new addition to the Grand Manor is targeted to house one floor of children/youth with complex needs, and three floors of seniors with dementia.

Excel Society is required to provide generator back up services to both buildings to ensure client health and safety should a disruption of electrical service occur. Cost of a generator with hook up is approximately $200,000.

Who Will it Benefit?

A total of 118 individuals who are and will be residing in Grand Manor will benefit from having back up electrical services should those services be disrupted - which has happened on occasion due to the location in the City.
Of the 118 individuals who will benefit: 27 are adults with a mental illness; 27 are seniors with alcohol addiction; 16 complex needs youth; and 48 seniors with dementia.
The back up generator allows the kitchen, heating and air conditioning to remain functioning, all of which are critical support services to residents living at Grand Manor.