Girls’ Multi-Sport Camps, Programs and Classes

The Cause

Girls In Sport Alberta's programs gives girls, ages 4-17, an inspiring and confidence-building multi-sport experience that not only introduces them to a range of sports, fostering the development of diverse sport-specific skills, but also instills confidence, competence and motivation. Each sport is taught by experienced coaches that strive to create a safe girl-friendly environment. We integrate confidence building activities during the day and group games to make sure they leave enjoying every moment.

We offer low cost monthly day camps, free weekly drop-ins with the City of Edmonton and summer camps to the public. We also provide sessions to schools in Edmonton and the surrounding areas that can be done for elementary, junior high or high school groups. This is an attempt to reduce the accessibility and financial barriers for girls here in the city. Through partnerships and funding we want to continue to reduce the cost of our programs.

Our Power Up educational program is done in all of our programs and is geared towards sport groups across Alberta that focuses on building confidence in girls. This program will incorporate facilitator-led curriculum, games-focused activities, a practical component, and strategies to help engage and promote long-term participation of girls in sport. During our sessions we play a variety of different sports in a fun, empowering, and caring environment.

Program Outcomes:
- Gain a better understanding of how self-confidence impacts physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being
- Learn about building self-confidence through FUNdamental Movement skills practice, healthy eating, and building a positive body image
- Discover the impact of peers/social groups on building self-confidence along with learning and practicing strategies to be confident in social situations
- Understand the role that Emotional Intelligence, self-regulation, and self-esteem plays in building self-confidence
- Explore the power of having a positive growth mindset, how to take smart risks, and ways to develop and use self-affirmations to build self-confidence

By offering these options that happen throughout the year, we create a platform where all girls, regardless of ethnicity or family income, can come together in community in sharing and supporting each other and creating a safe inclusive space through sport.

You can learn more with this video of our programs:

Who Will it Benefit?

Our programs are specifically for girls’ ages 5-17. For schools, we offer co-ed sessions for all genders at the institutions request. Due to the low-cost and high-quality nature of our program we attract a lot of different individuals from various different backgrounds. With our partnerships, we also have direct reach to newcomers, low-income and racialized individuals within the community of Edmonton.