Girls on Fire with Families on Fire

The Cause

Our kids are not OK! It’s a frightening reality that we are hearing from parents, teachers, families, and research. The physical and mental health of our youth is in crisis and needs urgent attention!
NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Parents) and Girls on Fire are paying attention! Our two organizations are collaborating to support more girls AND their parents on a journey to their best health. Our idea is to expand programming and support for girls aged 8-13 and add an additional program for their parents.
Girls on Fire runs an annual event designed to give girls tools in their toolbox to navigate life with confidence. The program content is based on time-tested, confidence building strategies from martial arts. Integrating combat and self defence training with mindset training creates a strong formula for success in all walks of life.
The Girls on Fire conference is a day long empowering event for girls ages 8-13. Through out the day, participants build their “Confidence Tool Kit” to help them navigate Tween and Teen Life. Their tool kit includes concepts on growth mindset, health, fitness, body image, self esteem, community bullying and self-defence.
NSTEP has been delivering hands on nutrition and activity education in schools, teaching teachers who then teach their students; supporting and collaborating with numerous community agencies so that by working together we can have a greater impact; support more adults in their workplace or wherever they gather, who can transfer that knowledge to the children and youth in their lives. We strive to promote positive change in the health of our communities through active learning.
Girls on Fire just completed their Edmonton event with 145 girls registered for the program. It was a huge success! They have also run a successful pilot program in Red Deer, as they are looking to expand to more Alberta communities. Now, in collaboration with NSTEP we are looking to pilot the next program in spring 2024 in Grande Prairie and expand the program to include not only Girls on Fire but also parents, with Families on Fire, in their own PLAY program.

Who Will it Benefit?

The greatest direct benefit of this program will of course be to the girls and the parents that participate in the day long event. Parents often enquire if they can stay or participate with the girls, however, this day is intended for the girls to be as uninhibited as possible, to begin to see themselves and discover how great it feels to have tons of fun, be surrounded by other girls their age who are also having fun, building their confidence as they try new things, gaining new friends, and community.
For parents, they will have the opportunity to learn WHY eating healthy and being physically active daily, builds better brains and bodies. Children who have a healthy lifestyle are associated with parents who also have a healthy lifestyle.
In addition, the event also provides and opportunity for local business owners to serve as a table coach. This role requires you to be a supportive, enthusiastic teacher, listener and all-around fun person that enjoys tweens and teens.
The local economy will benefit. We would be looking for a local venue that could accommodate the girls’ events in a hall or gym with 10-12 tables, outdoor space for martial arts training and fun activities, and includes a kitchen. Additional space for possibly the same number of parents as girls, is also necessary.
Secondary benefit from girls gaining confidence as they navigate their tweens and teen years, would be their classmates, their teachers, their entire school. Families would benefit, as parents support and respect their daughter’s growing self-confidence, discipline, respect, and manners.
Here is the Intergenerational Cycle that we are aiming to strengthen!
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