GLOW (Girls Leading Others Wisely) Looking Good, Feeling Great

The Cause

GLOW GIRLS is a program that can enrich girls ages 8 – 14 with the self-confidence to step out and be their authentic self without being self-absorbed. GLOW provides powerful programs by engaging girls in discussions about pre-teen/teen topics such as Body Image, Friendships, Healthy Eating, Physical Activities, Bullying, Leadership & more.  By providing girls a safe environment to share their ideas and opinions, it strengthens their confidence and self-esteem and encourages them to express themselves more fully and critically think through their behavior and choices. Girls will figure out who they are and learn more about their own values, interests, and talents.

As our technological world advances at such a fast rate so does a sedentary lifestyle begin to take shape.  We are a society that is sitting more and longer. The technological world is here to stay, however what this program will incorporate is a physical fitness component that is fun and exciting while building strength, trust & confidence with participation.

To engage girls within an open forum to share and listen to their peers during discussions of relevant life themes, topics and values.
To connect girls of various beliefs, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds within communities
To provide each girl who completes the GLOW program with a ‘backpack’ full of strategies to deal with challenging situations when encountered.
To expose girls to a world of fitness opportunities the outcome being enhanced strength, trust and confidence when participating in a variety of fitness activities.

All aspects of the program are created to strengthen a girl’s well-being, nutritional choices and physical fitness to help them develop a true sense of self.

Who Will it Benefit?

Family and Community Support Services is a non-profit, preventative program that provides a wide range of services designed to promote individual, family and community wellness. This program is in partnership between Athabasca County, Town of Athabasca, Village of Boyle, and the Summer Villages of Mewatha, West Baptiste and Sunset Beach.   The FCSS program focuses on maintaining or enhancing positive family life and community functioning.   Programs are also delivered in partnership with Aspen View Schools.   Programs in the schools are designed to improve the wellness of our children and youth, by meeting their social needs.

The Glow Girls program fits with our program initiatives and goals when developing and working with young girls between the ages of 8 – 14 years of age. Program participant referrals will come from Family School Liaison Workers, Diversion Workers, Local schools, Healthy Families, WJS, Children Services and Community Members.

With the family & community dynamics changing, this program definitely fits with the criteria of program delivery that we want to be able to deliver to the girls in the seven schools that are located in our County.

Currently we are offering the ‘Dove’ program which focuses on self-esteem & body image only. The Glow program has taken the dove concept and further enhanced and developed the program that better meets our mission and vision of FCSS which is to improve and enhance the wellness of students by meeting their social needs. The current dove program will be replaced by the GLOW program for youth at risk.

Your contribution establishes the foundation for a successful continued program in partnership with FCSS, Aspen View Schools and Community Corporations.