Gotta Minute Film Festival – Lunchbox Shorts Program

The Cause

The Gotta Minute Film Festival is delighted to be returning to Edmonton for a 3rd year this September 26th – October 2nd. Gotta Minute is a celebration of Media Art on public transit and in public space; a gem of a fest for One and All, Big and Small! Once again this fall our multi-genre program of One-Minute Silent Short Films (selected for general audiences) will screen on a number of “platforms” readily accessible to the Edmonton public:

• On Pattison Onestop platform screens throughout the Edmonton LRT system;
• Periodically through the week at Edmonton Public Libraries around the city; and
• Continuously online on our mobile friendly website @ (

This year we would like to share our little cinematic gems with audiences in the downtown city core by offering FREE Lunchbox screenings of the full Gotta Minute program at the Citadel Theatre during the festival week. Folks could bring their lunch, or coffee and treats, and enjoy our multi-genre program of 36 one-minute shorts on the big screen in the Zeidler Hall from 11:30-1:30, Monday through Friday.

Monday would Launch Day! To celebrate the premiere of Gotta Minute 2016, we would invite the general public, participating local filmmakers and the Media to join us for popcorn and punch and a chance to see the Shorts big and beautiful on the Zeidler screen. Folks could rub shoulders with award winning and emerging local filmmakers and learn a little more about them and their work.

The support of the Field Law Community Fund would help us establish this exciting new feature of the Gotta Minute Festival Festival for the enjoyment of all.

Who Will it Benefit?

Gotta Minute’s multi-genre program serves to enrich the quality of life of Edmontonians by offering a new Media Art experience to audiences using public transit and Edmonton’s public libraries. A program of Lunchbox Shorts at the Citadel Theatre would provide downtown audiences an opportunity to see our full program quietly in a pleasant sit-down setting. Watching Gotta Minute shorts is a wonderful way to pass the lunch hour and a delightful break from the routine of the day.

As an initiative of FAVA, the Gotta Minute Film Festival seeks to promote general appreciation for Media Art in our city and raise the profile of local Media Artists in the eyes of the community. To this end, we dedicate half our program to the work of local artists and the other half to artists from across Canada and around the world. Gotta Minute is embraced by award winning as well as emerging filmmakers because it provides them with a unique opportunity to experiment with new works and reach new audiences. A Lunchbox Shorts program at the Citadel Theatre would allow us to showcase the work of artists from home and away on the big screen in Zeidler Hall, a wonderful compliment to our programming on smaller screens in the LRT and at the EPL. Our Launch Party on September 26th would also allow us to Fete our local artists and connect them with local audiences and the Media.

Gotta Minute endeavors to serve the interests of local artists and audiences alike and to enliven our community with Media Art in accessible settings.