Healing Through Music

The Cause

The Calgary Fiddlers Association consists of over 65 youth ages 7-18 years old who learn the art and culture of folk fiddling and in turn share their music through performance opportunities at over 100 events in and around Calgary each year.

Music acts as medicine for all people of all ages, cultures and socio-economic environments. A phenomenon called \"entrainment\" occurs when an individual\'s biological rhythms become one with the music they are listening to and this can aid in therapeutic and emotional healing. We have seen first-hand the joy fiddle music brings to those needing a boost which is why we want to expand this program to reach even more people.

Who Will it Benefit?

The Healing Through Music project will improve mood and mobility, relieve anxiety, stress and depression, and enhance concentration and creativity through live interactive fiddle performances at seniors\' facilities, hospitals, hospices, temporary living centres such as Inn From the Cold, and for organizations or schools who empower youth with disabilities.

In addition, these special interactive performances will provide our young music students with life skills such as leadership, confidence, discipline, time management and compassion for those they are serving through their music.