Heart SOULutions

The Cause

I invented a product especially for my dog Sushi. We rescued her when she was 3. She did not have a great start to life, and had anxiety. I tried all the products on the market, no success. Sushi took shelter under my bed for 2 years... There had to be solution. I did research, made some prototypes, made mistakes, hit some bumps, and saw my dog transform into a 'normal' family dog! My product gave her comfort, and she was calm. Sushi was my inspiration.
Our products send off a calming rhythmic vibration imitating a heartbeat. It provides a familiar comfort, a mother's touch, & made with love. It has been used/tried on pets with anxiety, kennel training, fear of thunderstorms, car rides and traveling. For every 10 that are sold, we donate one to our local animal shelter. To provide love and comfort to the vulnerable souls.
Shortly after, I discovered my product helps children who have sensory issues, children on the autistic spectrum, babies that have car sickness, babies born with addictions, colic, and children who have experienced trauma, and the list is growing. My most recent discovery, my product is helping people with dementia. The different applications are endless. Cherishing vulnerable souls.

Who Will it Benefit?

The vision for my business is not only to produce a product, but to make a difference. I am currently looking to manufacture my products overseas. I want my business to be a complete circle of hope. I am seeking a village/community who teach women to sew to empower them to escape the sex trade, and be provided with an opportunity to better themselves and their families. (CSR) I want to partner with an orphanage and donate products to bring comfort to vulnerable souls. A portion of my sales will go into dementia research, as it is evidently needed. This business has been a huge learning curve, but I have found my passion, I was accepted into the Women's Venture Program with Momentum, here in Calgary, Alberta. My dreams are coming true, I am making a difference, with my product, passion and my heart. Currently my product is being tested in schools across Calgary, including the CBE, preschools, & dayhomes. My products have been helping children who have ADHD, ADD, and who have experienced trauma. My product has also helped a lady who suffers from PTSD, and another lady who has anxiety. I need help to prove that medically. I am onto something!