Hearts & Hammers

The Cause

Hearts & Hammers is a local non-profit that provides home renovations to families in need with mobility challenges. We are dedicated to making life easier and more comfortable for families affected by disabilities. Founded in the fall of 2012, we are a 100 per cent volunteer run organization that has been fortunate to receive support from many incredible donors, sponsors, tradespeople and a dedicated team of volunteers

As an example of the work we have accomplished, our recent home renovation recipients, Ramon & Naomi Ramirez have just returned to their newly renovated home that will allow Naomi to maneuver Ramon throughout the house with ease. Ramon suffers from a Parkinson’s-like disease that has left him more and more incapacitated. Prior to the renovations, Naomi would have to tie a rope around Ramon to pull him up the stairs to the bedroom of their split-level home in NE Calgary. With great support, we have been able to add an outdoor wheelchair ramp, a wide automatic front door, indoor lift for the stairs, and a modified wheelchair-accessible bathroom with added ceiling rails and sling to transport Ramon from bed to bath. These changes will undoubtedly change their lives dramatically and return some greatly deserved ease, comfort and dignity to both Ramon and Naomi.

Should we be fortunate enough to be selected as a Field Law Community Fund Program winner, we will use the funding to develop the Weekend Warrior Renovations Program alongside our larger renovation projects. Through the Weekend Warrior program, we will execute 4-6 small-scale renovation projects which can each be completed over 2-3 weekends in an effort to make life easier and more comfortable for our selected recipients. Potential renovations will include accessibility upgrades such as wheelchair ramps, flooring changes, widening doorways and adding handrails, to name a few.

Who Will it Benefit?

Hearts & Hammers accepts nominations for individuals currently facing mobility challenges in their own homes and who are struggling to afford the costs of much needed renovations. Beneficiaries of the Weekend Warrior Renovations Program will include seniors and persons with disabilities and/or medical conditions that impede mobility. Making homes more accessible allows people to remain in their own homes with their families longer. This is of great benefit to the recipient and those who support them each day. It also helps alleviate the pressure on our extended healthcare system.

Nominations for upcoming projects close on May 1,2015 and at this time we have several potential recipients. With these much needed renovations, not only does the nominee benefit, but family members do as well by easing the burden on all those the nominee must rely on for assistance in day to day life.

We encourage our recipients and their families to \'pay-it-forward\' by helping in any way they can. Family and friends often assist by volunteering as part of our on-site crew, or providing food and drink to our incredible volunteers. In fact, as part of the Ramirez renovation, many members of Ramon & Naomi\'s cultural community joined our efforts by organizing a fundraiser to help fund the renovation.

The Weekend Warrior Renovations program will also provide an excellent opportunity for corporate Calgary and other groups to pay-it-forward’ by providing teams of volunteers for the weekend renovation projects. The relatively short time commitment needed for each renovation is a perfect way for companies and groups to provide a fun team-building experience with the added bonus of helping others in need of support in their community.