Holistic Mental Health Treatment Program

The Cause

It is our goal to continue to research effective therapies for mental health wellness and expand what services we offer to our clients.


REST Approach – Research Program

Bryan Austin, co-founder and registered psychologist, has been researching the effectiveness and applicability of non-talk therapies, particularly in neurofeedback technology. With additional funding for resources and training he plans to offer LENS Neurofeedback to a wider client base than we already have, as well as collect data to for the Float Research Collective to establish Floatation-REST as an accepted treatment that can be reimbursed by insurance providers and prescribed by doctors and healthcare professionals.


BrainTap light and sound headsets utilize specific neuro algorithms using various tones, music and spoken word for optimal brainwave entrainment with all the benefits of deep meditation without the years of disciplined effort.

Multiwave PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy)

Multiwave PEMF mats include Far Infrared Heat, Red Light Therapy, and Natural Heated Crystals which produce negative ions. Healthy Wave Mats low frequency PEMF operates in the same frequency range as the earth magnetic field which helps bring our own magnetic field back to its natural state. This can provide a wide range of benefits like improving one's well-being and synergistically working with the far infrared therapy.

NeuroSpa is a zero gravity reclined and contoured armchair that facilitates complete mental and physical synchronization. It is the first therapeutic tool to produce intra-corporeal music (i.e.: multi-frequency harmonic vibrations), synchronized with conventional music. During a NeuroSpa session, the music will captivate your mind’s attention from the start while the multi-frequency harmonic vibrations directly communicate with your central nervous system by way of the spinal column. Tensions caused by accumulated stress will gradually be released, reducing its adverse effects. The influence of this multi-frequency intra-corporeal music reaches muscles, organs, glands, and the brain, helping in relieving unwanted stress.

NeuroSpa restores the body to a state of complete mental and physical harmony in just 30 minutes. The relaxation felt after a single session is profound, and it is also an ideal complement to Massage Therapy, a Floatation-Bath session or to a Pulsar.

Who Will it Benefit?

The contribution funds from Field Law could benefit mental health and wellness for people of all ages. All services at Cetana, included the new proposed equipment in this grant, are user friendly for everyone from children to the elderly.