Homeless Youth Have Nothing…But Potential

The Cause

We want to implement a program called ELPIS. ELPIS is the ancient Greek Spirit of Hope. Through Hope Circles, Employment Skill Development Workshops, Job Coaching and Recreation activities youth staying in our shelter will develop the skills necessary to maintain healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Hope Circles are used with youth as an alternative communication method that allows them to deal with difficult issues, manage their own healing, make agreements that promote safety, celebrate successes and resolve conflicts.

Skills Development Workshops are group and/or individual based workshops that centre attention specific to workplace skills such as resume development, interview skills, workplace expectations, etc.

Job coaching provides individualized support to work on specific skills and build on strengths.

Recreation activities will focus on basic recreation in the community that could include basketball, cycling, gardening, etc.

Who Will it Benefit?

The primary beneficiaries of this project are the 45+ youth ages 16-24 who enter into our shelter services on an annual basis. Many of these youth have had few positive adult role models in their lives to teach them the structure and social skills required to acquire and maintain jobs. Many struggle with low self-esteem or confidence.

Our project provides a stable setting and a place where they need the support of an ELPIS - someone to help them discover within themselves that they have and can have a spirit of Hope.