Inclusion Fusion

The Cause

To host a week of experiential activities focused on diversity and inclusion. Inclusion Fusion uses an approach to open safe spaces to explore and experience similarities and differences (intercultural spaces) and learn more about the perspectives that each of us bring. The activities will be hosted at the downtown campus of NorQuest College and will involve NorQuest students and staff to develop and host each Inclusion Fusion activity (e.g. Art of Inclusion, social theater, inclusion cafes, etc).

Who Will it Benefit?

An anticipated 2000 people will participate from NorQuest College community and downtown business and community neighbors from the Edmonton neighborhood surrounding the campus. This will benefit in an enhanced sense of inclusion and belonging for community members in this downtown neighborhood. This week of events will enhance understanding and empathy for everyone of community members and what they bring to our community. This activity pays forward greater awareness and understanding of how we can peacefully relate to each other in our diverse community.

The Inclusion Fusion event will be managed by the NorQuest Center for Intercultural Education. A CIE team member will set up an event plan, engage collaboratively with NorQuest staff and students to plan Inclusion Fusion events and liaise with NorQuest facility services for event space needs. A promotion and communications strategy will be developed with in-kind support of NorQuest Marketing department. Issues/challenges will be identified and resolved using establish project management processes. Monitoring and tracking of funding will follow establish project reporting processes.