Inclusive Diversity Within Sports – Everyone Can Play

The Cause

The Ardrossan Bison Football Team has been around for many years. Over the years there have been female football players but the last couple years we have seen an increase in the interest to play football by female students.
This increased interest and participation has brought to our attention the need to create a more inclusive environment as a whole. By creating an inclusive clubhouse we would begin to make this happen. The football clubhouse is the center of team bonding and peer relationships so it is crucial for all members of the team to be included and able to utilize the clubhouse. Currently female players face many challenges trying to change into their equipment. Having to use space across the field, in a closet or vehicle.
Our goal is to create a more inclusive diverse dynamic for high school football.
With more and more female students playing high school football we want to make it inclusive by replacing the one room football clubhouse to create space for all genders to be equally included. This means that we would be replacing our current space with a new slightly larger clubhouse with a space for all students. By replacing the clubhouse to be more diverse and inclusive we are sending a message to our entire community that will reach many of the younger upcoming students. Everyone can play! We believe this brings our community together as well as creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Who Will it Benefit?

The entire Ardrossan Community will benefit from the inclusivity of a new space for years to come. A new clubhouse will have positive impacts on our school and surrounding communities for decades. The Ardrossan Bisons have had female players on the roster for the past couple years and we anticipate that will only continue to grow.