Inner City Lunches

The Cause

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church is seeking financial assistance in their mission to provide lunch to people of the Inner City on July 2, 2017 and December 17, 2017, For over fifteen years Mount Olivet has partnered with the Inner City Pastoral Ministry (ICPM) to provide lunch twice a year at the Bissell Centre in Edmonton.
Volunteers from Mount Olivet purchase and prepare the food, and help serve it to the homeless, and/or lower income families of the Inner City. This lunch brings the Inner City community together for nourishment, as well as access to resources. Our congregation does their best to help support these lunches, but our membership has decreased over the past year, and our financial resources and individual donations have been affected by this.

Who Will it Benefit?

Low income and/or homeless men, women, children and families of the inner city. All are welcome to participate. Any leftover food is packed into plastic bags and given to the people to take home with them. Hunger has a huge impact on mental, physical and emotional well being. Children learn better when they are nourished. Participants who come for the lunch also have access to information about resources and programs available through the Bissell Centre.