“Just for you” Supported Travel by Designing Travel Inc

The Cause

Designing Travel Inc. is a supportive travel service for adults with disabilities and seniors. We are based in Calgary, AB but serve clients worldwide in their travel goals. We have been open for approximately 8 years and have supported individuals in a variety of care needs and reaching their travel goals in a safe and supported manor. We wish to utilize your funding opportunities to provide clientele opportunities for subsidy or full payment of supported vacations. Our targeted population would be able to apply to receive funding supports to take that trip of a lifetime, or to attend something that they normally wouldn\'t be able to access or partake in without additional financial support or due to medical means/disability. The project is individualized to support the needs of each client we serve differently. The support we provide can range from research & bookings, providing care attendants, providing airport to airport assistance, nursing staff and many more individualized opportunities that would be designed \"Just for you\" as a person receiving supports from this project.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our program would be available to adults with a diagnosed disability or a senior citizen. Clients must be permanent Canadian residents, and reside in Alberta at the time of application, of a least 18 years of age, and would be on a limited source of income- through AISH, long term disability or Canadian pension, etc. Subsidy or full funding would be applied for and made available to use on vacation on both a large and small scale, from a trip within Alberta or a trip worldwide, they could use the funding to support costs associated with flights, activities, accommodations, and having their supportive travel attendant with them. Designing Travel Inc would accept applications from these candidates with their proposed opportunities and set a guideline on how to access these funds and within a one year time frame. Advertising opportunities for the project would start as soon as funding is secured by your program and would end within one year of its start date or until all funds have been dispersed.