Kananaskis Adjustable Surf/Kayak Wave

The Cause

We will build the first Adjustable River Wave in Canada on the Kananaskis River.

The structure will make perfect waves for surfing and kayaking year-round. By adjusting the configuration of the wave we can make a glassy wave for surfing or more of a crashing wave for freestyle kayaking.

The wave will be free to use, but the economic spin-off of waves like in the USA this are significant. In addition we will be able to host surf and kayak events throughout the year.

The Alberta Whitewater Association and Alberta River Surfing Association are working together on this project that will help the whole river community. We are currently $20,000 short of our total cash ($270,000) needed to build the wave. The whole project including in-kind donations of rock, as well as a modelling done in 2020, will be over $500,000.

The Engineering is done. The fabrication would start in winter of 2022 and construction is planned for Fall 2023.

Who Will it Benefit?

The whitewater community, from surfers and SUPs to kayaker and canoers will be able to use this wave. The core group is around 2500 people in Alberta.

Rafting companies on the Kananaskis River, that have about 10,000 clients each year, will have an additional feature on the river.

The location that has been chosen for the new wave will allow for better spectating for events and day-to-day use.