Kohkum Sahkitowin

The Cause

“Kohkum Sahkitowin” translated from Cree to English means, “A Grandmothers Love.” As someone who’s already pledged profits from my newly published book, “Lights After Life: An Urban Indigenous Hip Hop Story.” I have been building up to this which is a life long goal of helping the underprivileged community in Edmonton’s city streets. “Kohkum Sahkitowin” is a dinner event honouring our grandmothers by providing care and support to those who need it the most, as our grandmothers would. It is a dinner event in which food, basic hygienic needs, donated clothing, winter accessories, haircuts, and resource services and guidance will be provided to the homeless or desperately in need. I have accumulated a few volunteers and many donations since starting on this goal. I have social workers who have agreed in assisting with resources and barbers who have promised to cut hair for 3 - 4 hours during this dinner event providing the opportunity to, not only get a hot meal, but also a fresh haircut and help getting to the next step in moving forward with a stable life. This is not a regular dinner event for the homeless, this is providing real love, care and support as if it was coming from the warmth of our grandmothers.

Who Will it Benefit?

Edmonton as a city and community will benefit. In order to help correct the homeless situation in Edmonton we have to create a level of awareness and care that means holding ourselves accountable to treating the underprivileged with the utmost respect and dignity bringing resources and support directly to them through this event. Countless times in our city the homeless community is uprooted and forced to move from their safe spaces with no regard for their safety and the effects this may cause on their lives. If we continue to relocate these communities they will only move to the next spot and never really disappear. As a city and community we have the opportunity to create a better relationship, environment, and reputation with our vulnerable populations by engaging and offering support from the front line instead of removal and confrontation.