Kwad Squad Association

The Cause

My name is Morrie Ripley and I started the Kwad Squad a couple years ago. My mission was to be able to help people with disabilities get integrated back into the community through endurance events.

People do not choose or pick to have a disability and the Kwad Squad's purpose is to help erase the feeling of being unable to participate in sport.

We have purchased specialized running chairs and biking equipment to lend out to families in the community to participate in events with their friends / loved ones.

Who Will it Benefit?

The beneficiary will technically be a person with a disability. But it does not end there.

The feeling a person gets being able to push someone and have them race and compete as if their disability never existed whether it be through a marathon, triathlon, or even just an afternoon run is so rewarding.

We aim to give people the opportunity to have the ability to do something with their loved one that they normally wouldn't be able to do (example - Mother or Father to push their child in a race)