Learn About Epilepsy Through Fun

The Cause

The EEA is planning to create our own interactive live show to teach kids of all ages about epilepsy, through our own scripted show, with increased levels of interaction with our audiences, and through lived experience, presenting the information in modern, attractive ways, in a wide range of formats, including live shows, live streamed shows, online interactive learning objects and more.

The show would be created in consultation with live artists and with interactions and contributions of children living with epilepsy and their siblings and friends, with research-based and verified health information, delivered in an interactive and engaging way.

The show would be offered always free of charge, to any requesting school, community and at public festivals, as well as online, to increase knowledge and understanding about epilepsy.

Who Will it Benefit?

The primary audience would be kids, in upper elementary and junior high grades, along with parents and significant adults. 1 in 100 Canadians, especially kids suffer from epilepsy, and often families feel the burden of stigma around the disease, and avoid talking about it. We hope to reach larger audiences through the show, which will be an addition to an already popular puppet show we offer for younger grades, which we purchased the rights to produce over 20 years ago.