Learning From & Honouring Our Elders in Fort Smith

The Cause

We would like to honour our Elders and bring Culture back to the school but also give back to the Elders.
With this fund, we would like to pay an honorarium to hire Elders to teach our grade 6 students how to sew moccasins throughout the year (also to purchase all supplies needed for moccasins) so that our grade 6 graduates from our school will know how to sew their own moccasins.

Twice through the year I would also like each of our classes to "Adopt an Elder" from the community - we will ask for community member to put forward or nominate elders from our community with their name, age, and list any allergies, so that students can prepare a basket of goods for them at Christmas and another holiday (Easter). Many of our Elders and families have experienced hardship through COVID and we would like to give back to them and show them how important they are. Through the rest of the funds, our school would like to purchase a turkey and other goods like stuffing, jello, snacks, socks, a puzzle, so that we can create a little basket of thanks to be delivered to Elders throughout Fort Smith. We would ensure that we would take pictures when delivering in a COVID friendly-safe method and say thanks to sponsorship from Field Law Community Fund.

We hope you can help us learn from and honour our local Elders.

Who Will it Benefit?

Students in Joseph Burr Tyrell - especially those in Grade 6 - who then can pass on their teaching to their families perhaps.

Elders throughout the community.