Learning through the Lens

The Cause

A youth photography club will provide an opportunity for northern youth to pursue their creative passions, build community networks and learn technological and STEM skills from mentors and professionals. By learning photography basics - such as editing, photo storytelling, photo stories and collages, photo exhibit event planning - youth will have a creative outlet where they can collaborate with others and connect with their community. With DSLR cameras and equipment such as tripods, these creative, dynamic, resilient individuals will have a positive outlet for some of their feelings and emotions. Photos allow people to communicate non-verbally in a safe way and empowers youth to use their vision and voice and work collaboratively. Learning new skills and seeing the results of this hard work is inspirational and motivating!

Who Will it Benefit?

This project will benefit youth and youth-at-risk who are part of YWCA NWT's youth programs. These programs are for boys and girls ages 9-18 years old. These leadership programs focus on creating strong, resilient, empowered youth through education, activities and community involvement. Many youth are Indigenous although the program is open to anyone. Northern youth can experience feelings of isolation and depression and providing extra-curricular activities and a place where youth feel safe is crucial for their development into healthy, well-informed, educated adults who have increased independence, can work well in a team and have positive self-esteem.