Lutsel K’e Community Gardens

The Cause

To expand and diversify the Lutsel K’e Community Garden to more sites in the community.  The Lutsel K’e Community Garden is a community volunteer based project. It is a collective and collaborative project and involves all community members since 2008.  We share the work and the harvest amongst ourselves and with our community.

We would like to expand the community garden to more sites in the community and it is possible with assistance, we would require the assistance of heavy equipment, skilled labour and supplies like fencing, etc.. We would also like to diversify the community garden by adding a chicken coop for fresh eggs and in the future we would like to add goats for fresh milk, cheese and soap.  It is our goal for our community of Lutsel K’e to be self sustainable.

Who Will it Benefit?

We believe that everyone benefits from the Lutsel K’e Community Garden.  The volunteers who work at the garden benefit by experiencing the healthy benefits of hard work that equal tangible results, as well as fresh and healthy food.  The families of the volunteers benefit by having affordable, fresh and healthy foods.  The community benefits by having a community garden where they can volunteer and share in the fresh and healthy food.  The planet benefits by having a community garden where the community members are self sustainable and have food security. Community Gardens are good for everyone.