Mentoring Youth to Stitch It Forward

The Cause

Mentoring Youth to Stitch It Forward is a new program we are hoping to start that works with selected youth to create a project, recruit volunteers to help, make items (knit, sew, crochet or quilt), set goals how many they want to make and pick an organization they want to support. This takes a lot of organization and skill building for the youth.

We offered this program as a pilot project this past summer. We recruited one 14 year old girl who picked "cramp kits" as a project. They made 600 of them and now are in the final stages of circulating them to the schools. Packages of fabric and supplies were distributed to volunteers with everything needed to make 12 cramp kits. The volunteers went to work making up the kits which included two pads, 2 pieces of chocolate, and one personal flushable wipe. They are designed for girls who first start their cycle, are at school, and have no supplies. We have a wait list from schools who have heard about our project and want supplies for their students. This is just one example of what one youth can accomplish.

With the funding requested, we want to support four students ages 14-18 to start a project that most interests them. They will have all the support of Stitch It Forward they need to accomplish their goal. We will put out a call to apply with the registration form attached below. The youth will fill it out, have a parent sign it, and submit by email to us before the January 30 deadline. The number of youth chosen will depend on the funds received. We will be looking for youth who have the most creative idea and has the time to complete their project.


January 15 - hold open house (virtually or in person) explaining the program to youth that are interested.
January 30 - have all applications in
February 5 - have chosen the youth depending on donation dollars received (Cost is $2,500 per youth) and have notified everyone
February 10 - deadline for the chosen youth to have project idea outlined
February 22-25 (no school this week) meet with students and make a to-do list with them.
Monthly - meet virtually to discuss progress and needs
June 1 - all projects are completed and the youth has submitted a final report.

Who Will it Benefit?

There are many who will benefit from this project:

1. The youth chosen to participate will learn new skills, receive a $500 honoraria, and build their self confidence
2. The volunteers who help make the projects will have fun making the items relieving the stress of isolation and loneliness
3. The community groups who are chosen to receive the items made will be able to provide the necessities for their clients
4. Field Law will gain public awareness from the promotion of the student recruitment process and media releases after the projects are completed
5. Stitch It Forward Society of Lethbridge will gain a new program, increase volunteer database, proud to support our youth.