Moon Time Period Kits for Northern Teens

The Cause

We want to help end Period Poverty by providing northern girls with Moon Time kits! Plan International Canada reports that up to 30% of girls and young women struggle to afford menstrual products. In the Northwest Territories, some girls miss school and activities because they don't have access to the products they need every month - for something that is completely beyond their control. Without affordable access to menstrual hygiene products, girls and women everywhere are prevented from fulfilling their potential. Our mission is for every girl to reach her full potential and providing Moon Time Kits are one way we can help. We hope to 'pay it forward' by collecting donations from others so the idea will grow across the territory and teens will have the supplies they need.

Who Will it Benefit?

This will benefit families who are often living on low incomes, many of whom are marginalized, Indigenous, and living in rural, isolated northern locations.