New Classroom

The Cause

The Community Village want to create a new larger modern classroom. GP Volunteer Services bureau is a heavy user of our classroom and need an adequate space to receive at least 20 clients and allow the implementation of new programs.

The project would remove existing partitions and replace them with soundproofed ones, suspended ceiling and with a local A/C and heating.

The total cost of the project is $146,000. We are still looking at $23,000 in donations.

Who Will it Benefit?

1. Our tenants/partners: We have 7 tenants working out of The Community Village. Together they offer nearly 40 services and programs. Many programs are delivered through workshops and classes to provide tickets.
2. The many individuals either sitting on a board that uses our boardrooms, the clients of our tenants that need a meeting rooms or are attending a class. Nearly 3000 persons are visiting The Community Village monthly and the new larger classroom would be able to accommodate 300 individuals monthly on weekdays, more if we consider usage on evenings and weekends.
3. The Grande Prairie region will benefit from this new classroom as many youth and other job seekers will receive instruction on job search techniques, be able to join the workforce faster and participate to the local economy as productive members.