New Office Equipment

The Cause

We are a totally volunteer group and help people in need. We would like assistance for our insurance costs $9900, new laptop $2500 and new Phone $1500, total costs $13,900. This will help us manage the requests to our phone and more clients can be helped in a quicker manner.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our largest project is to pick up furniture (that people no longer want or need) and in turn give it to people in need, listed above. We also take people that have no other means to doctor appointments both in and out of town. We have a wheelchair accessible van that generously donated to us - we have drivers for this van as well as families that use it for their family members in wheelchairs. We have volunteers that take meals 3 times a week to the Adult Day Centre. Our insurance costs are for the vehicles we use for these purposes. Clients phone in and request furniture to have or donate. Our phone coordinator uses a lap top to coordinate all this. Our present laptop is over 11 years old and is having some issues, as is our phone. In 2021, we had total requests of 903. Of these 756, were related to furniture donations, repairs and requests. We did 59 trips to Adult Day to deliver meals, 15 rides to Edmonton, 25 rides in town and a few other varied Needs. We helped 52 children, 731 adults using a total estimated volunteer hours of 1941. These numbers were down to COVID issues. So far to Aug 31, 2022, we have had 777 requests, 596 related to furniture, 95 meals to Adult Day Centre, 33 rides, and 53 other misc. Total volunteer hours so far 1740 and 731 individuals helped.