NHCA Geocache Project

The Cause

The Northern Hills Community Association (NHCA) encompasses a large amount of land. To make effective use of this land and to encourage outdoor activity, community engagement, and exploration of the NHCA we want to set up Geocache locations throughout our communities. Geocache is an app that allows users to explore areas and as a reward, they find a box with souvenirs. Our plan is to purchase a multi-year plan Geocache plan, purchase weatherproof boxes, fill the boxes with ornaments that contain wildflower seeds; this way if the individual doesn't want the ornament they can plant flowers in the community, advertise the event to have residents and other Calgarians explore our wonderful community, and set up a kickoff party with outdoor essentials like water. Our hope is that this will drive up community involvement and also encourage a healthy exercise routine in the NHCA communities.

Who Will it Benefit?

This project will have residents become more active as they look for Geocaches allowing them to easily pursue a healthier lifestyle. The increase in foot traffic will also see an increase in sales for local businesses. Then there is the socialization factor; having a launch event and will have residents of the NHCA gather together to look four the boxes placed throughout their community. Also, having other Calgary residents from other neighbourhoods allow the city to become more connected.