NHCA Shed Murals and Repairs

The Cause

The Northern Hills Community Association (NHCA) is requesting funds for our Equipment Shed Mural Project. This project will foster a sense of ownership and belonging within the Youth of our community by providing an opportunity to be involved in creating murals on our community’s equipment sheds.

The NHCA spans 5 communities in North Central Calgary serving over 57,000 residents. Within these communities there are 5 equipment sheds that are located at Harvest Hills Hub, Harvest Hills Community Gardens, Coventry Hills Community Gardens, Coventry Hills Basketball/Ice Rink, and Country Hills Park.

In 2021, vandalism has occurred resulting in $1895 of funds needing to be redirected from community programming to repairs. Research suggests that painting multi-coloured designs or murals on surfaces will discourage graffiti since tagging is more difficult. Such mural projects, especially when they involve local artists and high school students, have solved many graffiti problems.

Over the course of 2022, 5 unique mural designs will be designed and installed at the 5 locations. The project will be overseen by the NHCA’s Arts & Crafts Committee who will engage community youth to be part of the process. This may include but is not limited to youth designers, youth painters, youth organizers.

Who Will it Benefit?

This project will benefit a large scope of people. First and the most important is the youth that's a part of the NHCA communities; this will give them a sense of belonging in the community, a way to keep them creatively engaged with the community, and a way for them to positively express their identity. Next, is the parents of the youth; having their children's art as murals creates a connection between family and community for them. Additionally, there would be a huge financial benefit for NHCA and its members since there would be a significant decrease in repair costs; this would be from the decrease of vandalism and damage done to the sheds by having murals installed. Finally, the residents of the NHCA communities. Having ease of mind that there is less vandalism going on in the community will help with improving mental health, the murals will help beautify the community and have residents appreciate the beauty of their community, and it will create a conversation within the community and have residents reconnect and make new connections with neighbours.