No Child Left Behind

The Cause

At Rideau Park School, we serve a very diverse demographic from new immigrants to Canada, students from the Sheriff King home, bussed students from Inglewood & Ramsay, and from the surrounding neighbourhood: the Rideau Park/Parkhill areas.

Our French as a Second Language Program is very strong at Rideau Park School. Each year, grade 9 students who have studied French for 2 or more years, attend a week long trip to Quebec City. Each year, some students are not able to attend the trip due to not affording the trip fee. Our school has a 'No Child Left Behind' fund that these students may access so that they can attend the trip with their classmates.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we have students who have come forward to let us know they are not able to afford the trip fees, and have requested to access the 'No Child Left Behind' funds. With the economic downturn affecting our city, our school's 'No Child Left Behind' fund has been very much depleted.

We are applying to the Field Law Community Fund Program for all of our ninth grade students to have equal access to the Quebec City Trip to enhance their second language studies.

The trip for the 2019-2020 school year is scheduled for October 6 through 10, 2019.

Who Will it Benefit?

Rideau Park School serves a very diverse student population.
It is our hope that students will put their names forward to the 'No Child Left Behind' fund rather than sitting out of the trip.
For the upcoming school year, we have already identified several students who require assistance with the trip fees for the Quebec Trip.

The Field Law Community Fund will go towards offsetting the trip fees for these identified students.