No Senior is Forgotten

The Cause

Traditionally Edmonton Meals on Wheels (EMOW) has requested community donations of small gift items such as toiletries, toques, scarves, gloves, puzzle books, etc. for distribution to clients at Christmas time. At Meals on Wheels we believe that "No Senior Shall be Forgotten" during a time where traditionally families gather for holiday meals and events. For our clients these family or friend gatherings are often simply a memory. Isolation and loneliness is a common social issue among vulnerable elderly seniors

In 2019, with the declining economy and high unemployment, gift donations from the community were of small value and the quantity donated came short of fulfilling the need. . With COVID further worsening the economy and creating even higher unemployment, it is anticipated that in 2020 the Christmas gift drive will be further negatively impacted.

Our idea for the Field Law donation is to purchase one high quality gift for each of our 500 clients. If we are successful, this would allow EMOW to purchase a gift in the value of $25 for each client. A warm fleece blanket, quilt, shawl, bathrobe or set of plush bath towels are robust gifts that our clients would sincerely enjoy receiving. Your gift will be supplemented by adding community donations of hand soap, toiletries, bath salts, activity book etc. By supporting this project Field Law is ensuring that No Senior Is Forgotten.

Field Law will be asked to become involved by providing a personalized card or letter of well wishes to accompany each special gift. Also, Field Law would have the opportunity to deliver gifts and our special holiday meals if desired thus meeting some of Edmonton's most vulnerable seniors and other home bound individuals.

Who Will it Benefit?

Each of EMOW’s 500 meal, grocery and food bank hamper clients will directly benefit from your generous donation. Our clients are vulnerable, low resourced and most often the older senior living independently.
The average age of our clients is 83 yrs. 70% are over 60 years with 11% of these clients over 90 years old. Most clients live alone and are low income. Most of our clients are low income and 67% are eligible to receive a discounted meal fee because they are low resourced. Clients are most often home bound, low to very low income, have mobility issues, are home bound and have limited family or community support. Many are immune compromised with other complex medical conditions such as heart disease or renal failure. For many clients our volunteer delivery driver is the only person they may see in a day. COVID has heightened food security and isolation issues that are faced by the elderly older population.
Our volunteers and the community at large will also benefit from your donation as they will see evidence of your corporate generosity and desire to support Edmonton’s older seniors and disabled population that is often voiceless and forgotten.