Open doors with the Go! Program

The Cause

A 2016 report from the Institute of Museums and Library Services found that a museum is a “hub for members of the public to engage in informal learning, access collections for educational or aesthetic purposes, and participate in civic dialogue.” The International Museums Association asserts that “museum collections enhance quality of life and improve our mental and physical health. They help us to value the places where we live, work and visit and help us understand where we have come from. They create a sense of belonging, engagement and learning to generate understanding within and between different groups and communities in society.”

Travelling through time to the world of ancestors, long-ago civilizations and landscapes transforms us. No one is ever the same. Museum doors, however, do not easily swing open for all Albertans.

FRAMS’ Go! Program aims to change that.

Since 1982, FRAMS has been the pathway for Albertans to enrich the Royal Alberta Museum collection, create spaces for learning, and open the doors to more visitors. The Go! Program, created in 2004, gives all Albertans regardless of income and circumstance the opportunity to visit the Royal Alberta Museum free of charge. They are inspired to learn, to foster wonder, and gain new understandings about Alberta and its place in the world.

Since the opening of the new RAM in October 2018 we have experienced a significant increase in requests for Go! Passes and unfortunately have been unable to fulfill the demand.

The Field Law Community Grant will help ensure that access to this world class facility is available to all Albertans.

We respectfully submit our idea for you to fuel a journey of discovery for over 1000 members of our community by awarding a grant to the Go! Program.

Who Will it Benefit?

Your funding for the Go! Program will benefit 1160 people in our community - 560 youth, 400 adults, and 200 seniors. FRAMS works with partner organizations such as Youth Restorative Action Project, iHuman Youth Society, Boys And Girls Clubs/Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Family Centre, and Multicultural Family Resource Centre to distribute Go! access passes to their clients and program participants.

Since the opening of the new Royal Alberta Museum we have had requests for over 5000 passes to visit. Because of funding restrictions we have only been able to award just over 800 passes.

With a Field Law Community Fund Grant, you would be opening the doors to individuals in our community facing financial hardship, those with disabilities, newcomers, those experiencing homelessness and those accessing early learning, family support and/or mentoring services.