Our Exciting Project: The Wildlife Amphitheatre

The Cause

For almost 60 years, the Edmonton Valley Zoo has hosted generations of guests seeking to experience the unique bond between humans and the wild animals that we, as a species, have always enjoyed.

In alignment with the Zoo’s values of conservation and education, our project the Wildlife Amphitheatre, will allow the Zoo staff to deliver more effective interpretive programming, and more importantly provide our visitors with an incredible opportunity to learn and interact with animals and nature.

The Wildlife Amphitheatre will diversify our Zoo staff’s ability to deliver more effective conservation and educational talks. This new space will be an ideal setting for live animal behavioural demonstrations, live animal encounters, dramatic presentations by Zoo staff, and much more.

Who Will it Benefit?

The Edmonton Valley Zoo has been a starting place in a journey of love, learning, care and respect for thousands of people of all ages and abilities seeking to experience the wonder of wildlife. In fact, over 400,000 people visited the Edmonton Valley zoo in 2015; which is an 80% increase from 2010.

It is both a physical space and a profound experience. It’s designed for intimacy, exploration and discovery. For many, a lifetime of learning about animals and nature begins here.

Our Zoo is about bonding, learning, research, conservation and respect for the integrity of wildlife and wild places. Above all, it’s a place that makes quality of life the number one priority for the animals we are privileged to care for.

Today, accredited zoos and aquariums worldwide are living bridges between an increasingly urban society and natural habitats threatened by growing human encroachment. Zoos and aquariums teach us about nature and help us envisage a future more sustainable and harmonious than our present, and their professional organizations serve to synergize their efforts and amplify their message.

It is through today’s zoos that future generations will come to a greater understanding of the human impact on the natural world and be motivated to preserve it and reverse the damage already done.

The Amphitheatre will not only benefit the team at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, it will also be a unique new venue in Edmonton for the community to gather and host private functions, such as weddings or school concerts and plays.