Partner Supported School Program – Telus World of Science

The Cause

The Partner Supported School Program- We run a program that allows us to provide access to STEM Learning and the Telus World of Science to the most needy schools across Edmonton. We are provided a list by the School board of the top 50 schools who are in the most need of funding. At the moment we are currently only able to serve 25 schools out of 50. The more funding we have for this project the more access we can provide.

The Edmonton Partner Supported Schools Program inspires students' excitement about science and technology. Inspired by our knowledgeable, fun and talented Education staff, each child is able to experience the wonder of learning and the joy of relating their education to their personal lives.
This subsidy program allows schools serving children from families with the least resources to spend their day at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton and interact with all facility exhibits, feature exhibitions, live science demonstrations along with a curriculum-tailored science program.
Historically, a travel subsidy was also a part of the Edmonton Partner Supported Schools Program, but in 2019, a separate Transportation Fund was set up to provide bussing for students who were sponsored to attend fieldtrips.
TELUS World of Science does not charge fees for teachers, aids, or parents
accompanying students. Schools participating in the Partner Supported Schools Program also have supervisor fees waived for theatre shows.

Who Will it Benefit?

This will benefit the most underserved students in Edmonton who otherwise will not be able to afford access to the science center.

Each year, TELUS World of Science staff develop new school program offerings, bring in new IMAX and full dome theatre adventures, and update demonstrations and interpretive programs so that each presentation is fresh, engaging, and relevant to the Alberta Learning Curriculum. We also bring in different travelling exhibitions each year to excite our visitors and enhance the hands-on visitor experience.

The fee of $12.00/Student includes building admission, one science program or show, and transportation. It also includes all live science.

Your $10,000 will allow over 800 students to be inspired by the joys and wonders of science!
demonstrations on our science stage and access to our Feature Exhibition.