Pet Food Banks for Southern Alberta First Nation Communities

The Cause

Parachutes for Pets has recently heard about a need for pet food at First Nations in Southern Alberta. Pet owners are not always able to provide the food their pets need for a variety of reasons. Additionally with stray animals, it can become even more challenging as the safety of smaller pets can be at jeopardy if larger pets attack them when competing for whatever food resources may be available to them. We would like to work toward creating a fund that will provide sustainable funding ensuring all pets have access to good quality food that will meet their health and dietary needs.

We will also offer pet first aid kits which can make all the difference for pets that get hurt or that require temporary aid for minor issues or to provide some level of comfort to the pet while its being transported to a veterinarian. Funding will allow us to support pets and their owners and will also allow us to respond to other emergency needs that may arise for First Nation residents and their pets. Currently, we are using our general funds to support these pets. With specifically allocated resources, we will have time to create and launch a fundraising campaign that will raise funds specifically for First Nation pets.

Who Will it Benefit?

Many individuals and families living here have pets, due to a variety of factors residents living on First Nations land do not have access to pet food or timely veterinary care for their pets. Because of the shortage of food, larger pets may attack and / or kill smaller pets in competition for resources. By funding our project, Parachutes for Pets will be able to increase the amount of food (for cats and dogs) and pet first aid kits supplied to First Nations. Pet owners will have access to resources they need to care for their pets without having to worry for their health and safety and without needing to share their own meals with their pet. With an average income for those 15 and over of just under $26,000/year (in 2015) for those living on a First Nation, providing for a pet can be challenging. If a pet develops health problems or requires veterinary care these challenges increase significantly, especially if travel is required to access that care. Parachutes for Pets understands the importance a pet has in the family and for the physical and mental health of the owner. Our priority is to support pet owners with the resources needed to ensure they can keep their pet and the pet has a quality life with their owner. With the support of the Field Law Community Fund Program, we will be able to increase our weekly assistance to the existing pet food bank and elevate our offering by providing pet first aid kits which can be vital to the pet's wellbeing when the unexpected occurs. Both pet owners and the pets themselves will benefit from this funding.