Pin Up Girl

The Cause

Our idea is for women to wear our pin, at no charge, to women requesting one. The Pin is a visible sign that lets other women know "I am available, how can I help?" When women wear our pin they let other women know they are available to assist and support them if they are being harassed or feeling unsafe. In wearing The Pin, we as Pin Up Girls make ourselves visibly available to women who may want our support when they feel their safety is compromised. Not all pin-up girls will take the same approach, and we all have the intent of empowering women: we respect a woman’s right to anonymity and to accept or refuse our help. A Pin Up Girl is not responsible for engaging in any confrontation which puts her safety or the safety of her fellow women at risk, and must act according to her own conscience, heart, and intuition. Whether assistance is requested or offered, we value the power of subtlety: it can be very effective to show solidarity just by standing next to another woman, starting a casual conversation, asking for the time or walking down the block together. Our goal is for women to support one another and work together to keep one another safe.

When you see a Pin Up Girl, you know there is someone there to support and assist you, and a network of women working together to make a difference.

Who Will it Benefit?

Women all over the world benefit from Pin Up Girl. Anyone with a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend or a woman in their life they care about.

Pin Up Girl was created a little over a year ago, and in this past year we have mailed pins to India, Greece, Turkey, London, Honduras, Portugal, Argentina, Dubai, Japan the US and all over Canada. Our pins are free to all women worldwide.

Our vision is to create pins for men as well, as a way of supporting one another and to create pins for kids in schools. We hope our pins will save lives and make the world a safer place for everyone!