Play From Home Packs

The Cause

During this time of social distancing, seriously ill children can’t go outside, play and be distracted like healthy children can. Starlight children have pre-existing conditions and are exponentially at risk as they are strongly immunocompromised. Many of these families have been under financial stresses covering hospital costs, medications and usually are only receiving one income as one parent has become a full time caregiver. The need for activities and distraction is high in these isolation cases and families’ resources are low. The packages contain board games, crafts and other interactive activities and provide valuable distraction therapy to seriously and chronically ill children. Many of these involve a national group activity where all children will be logging on to Facebook Live with special guests including our own Captain Starlight to join in the fun.

Starlight has been shipping Play From Home Packs directly to seriously ill children and their families across the country. We are reaching out to ask for support in continuing the program and supplying mailings of kits for the 76 families in need in the Edmonton region. Each kit costs $100, including materials and shipping. We are in need of funding to help us continue to send Packs in these urgent times, so that no child is left out.

Evidence shows that improving the mental and social well-being of patients can have a positive impact on their physical health. Starlight programs are carefully designed with the input of medical staff, child life professionals, Family feedback committees (For Us By Us) and the world’s top media and technology companies to ensure they entertain, distract, and inspire seriously ill children and their families. As we work so closely with our families, the Play From Home Packs were specifically created based on immediate feedback from our For Us By Us Committees to address their urgent needs during strict isolation.

Who Will it Benefit?

Seriously, chronically and terminally ill children in the Edmonton Region. Just because a seriously ill child leaves the hospital, it doesn’t mean that the battle is over. For sick kids who are on a long path to recovery, for kids who will forever live their condition, and for kids who are fighting against the clock, we’re making wishes come true to give these warriors a break from battle.