Play Without Barriers

The Cause

Our idea is to empower disadvantaged youth in Alberta through sports. Play Without Barriers (PWB) envisions a community where all young individuals, regardless of their economic background, have the opportunity to participate in sports and experience its numerous benefits. To realize this vision, we aim to provide financial assistance and resources to recent immigrants, low-income families, at-risk youth, and refugees. Sports have the power to foster personal growth, physical fitness, teamwork, and social inclusion. Our initiative seeks to remove the financial barriers that often hinder these youth from accessing sports programs.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our initiative primarily targets disadvantaged youth in Alberta, including recent immigrants adjusting to a new environment, low-income families facing financial constraints, at-risk youth in need of positive outlets, and refugees seeking integration and support. By providing them with the means to engage in sports, we aim to offer these youth opportunities for personal development, improved physical health, and enhanced social well-being. Ultimately, the initiative will benefit not only the youth themselves but also their families and the communities they are part of.