Powerchair Soccer

The Cause

We'd like to increase accessibility to one of our sports, powerchair soccer, which in turn will help us with player retention in the province. The sport is growing, and we'd like to grow with it so we can provide our athletes with the means to develop in the sport as they wish.

Funds will be used to purchase specialized wheelchairs for the sport of Powerchair soccer. These chairs are only used to play this specific sport, and it is only sold and distributed world-wide by a shop in the USA. These chairs are expensive which causes a big barrier for the athletes to continue in the sport. When players first try the sport, they are given plastic or metal guards so that they can learn and play the sport, but as they continue they find themselves discouraged and intimidated when they play with others in these specialized chairs.

We'd like to have the chance to offer new players a chance to try the sport in the specialized chairs and get them excited for the sport so they are motivated to continue and develop in it. Chairs would be distributed to the cities with current programming, and chairs would be loaned out as there is demand.

Who Will it Benefit?

The idea will benefit individuals of all ages with disabilities interested in trying out a sport.