Preserving Universal Health Care

The Cause

COVID-19 and its variants are tipping the scales for meeting the health & wellness needs of Canadians through our beloved 'Universal Health Care.' The growing list of patients who are awaiting surgeries in Canada is growing exponentially. This is where the practicality of medical ethics appears to traverse--without regard to the patient. Provincial Governments through their provincial health systems, and various standards by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, follow old regulations generated during the 1970s, without much-needed amendments to enhance the services to the public.
Back in 2017, the Statesman Group's corporate staff-associates were complaining that our Health Benefit Provider was not facilitating services that they felt met their needs for maintaining good health. There were many voids that were not covered under the company's Health Spending Account. We investigated and located an insurance underwriter who was prepared to service our needs--such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and various health-related devices such as a home gym or mobility classes etc.
The licensed private multi-modality surgical suites would be encouraged to enhance the quality of life of each patient through REJUV-Health. By following this system, Canada will demonstrate that they have the most successful Medical System in the world, that will continue to overcome obstacles without being a two-tiered system.
The cost to Canadians based on expanding budgets for Universal Health Care will be substantially reduced, and therefore, so will Canada's extreme Tax-Rates.

Who Will it Benefit?

We see the solution for saving Universal Health Care while not destroying what Canadians hold sacred--'FREE HEALTH CARE. 'Almost every major change in life happens because of necessity. COVID-19 has created the perfect storm to formulate a change to Universal Health Care.