Project Halo

The Cause

We want to introduce you to the Halo Dog Project!

Lucy’s Legacy …. Lucy is the first dog in Alberta and 2nd in Canada to be placed as a Victim Services dog within a Police-based Victim Services Unit. Lucy is officially retired, but the need and requests haven’t stopped.

Out of seeing a need for more dogs across Alberta and being unable to provide these services with the few dogs available for anyone depending on which community may have a dog. From a mama trying to find a dog to support her daughter through a court case, school tragedies, community tragedies, and vulnerable people of all ages, the need is there, and it is a great need. It needs to be right across Alberta and Canada, for that matter!

Halo Dog Project was a dream that is/has turned into a reality, and Halo dogs will reach every part of our Province. We have a few dogs in training and are ready to join the program with great handlers.

If the Humboldt Tragedy taught us anything, dogs are needed in every area of Alberta and extended to the whole country’s reach. We pulled dogs from everywhere we could to assist with the memorials held in the hometowns where the players lived. Qualified schools will train the dogs & handlers; they will interact with distressed people of all ages and circumstances; the Halo Dogs, embracing their unique, calming nature and skills, is a natural bridge for compassion and opens doors for conversation and trust.

At all stages, Halo Dogs will provide companionship to children, teens, adults, and seniors in various settings. They will be able to stimulate sensitivity, good behaviours, participation, and relationship building; They will help open many dialogues with victims of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and physical abuse; they will attend court if needed, and they will be able to sit with many grieving children and adults.

Halo Dogs will be available to participate in scheduled and special events, including assisting daily in the community where they live. They will be available to be dispatched to other areas of Alberta in disaster and crisis to bring comfort to all affected, including first responders and volunteers.

Halo Dogs lend a trusting ear and a paw to all ages and varying vulnerabilities who quickly realize that they can tell Halo Dogs anything; they quickly realize that the dogs do not judge … all they want is to love them and for them to love them.

Who Will it Benefit?

Between the main handlers & volunteer handlers that can take the dogs for the visits in and around Alberta, and for attending communities during tragedies potentially benefiting over 6000+ people over 12 months (depending on the number of dogs, this number will/could be astronomical).