Renert Tutoring Centre for Kids in NE Calgary

The Cause

Hello friends. For the past 30 years "Renert" in Calgary became synonymous with the highest quality of cutting-edge progressive education. Renert School is Alberta's top school, both on the elementary, and on the HS side (Fraser Institute Report 2020). For over 20 years we had tutoring centres across Calgary. When we opened the school we phased them out because life got in the way. They were VERY successful. Through our Bright Minds program, we provide mathematics and literacy education to over 1,000 Calgarian kids annually. These kids' parents can afford $1,650 a year. Countless Calgarian families cannot afford this education and many of them reside in NE Calgary. Our idea is to open a tutoring center in NE Calgary, to serve (for starters) up to 100 kids, and provide them with good mathematics education. Renert will donate all materials and all needed expertise. The budget is needed for paying the tutors and the centre coordinator, as well as for the cost of leasing the space. My condition is that the only kids who may benefit are ones whose parents would not be able to afford it otherwise. We have been involved with a similar initiative spearheaded by the United Way (and the YMCA) for the past 10 years. It has become one of their most successful programs to date. Renert School is also willing to carry some of the costs, in addition to materials and expertise.

Who Will it Benefit?

Education is the cheapest ticket to social mobility. This initiative is all about empowering children to be the best versions of themselves by (1) getting them to excel academically, and (2) putting very strong young role models in front of them. I do not know of any better bang for the buck than what is proposed.