Secondary Student Initiative

The Cause

The Peavine Metis Settlement is located 55 km north of High Prairie. We are a non-profit organization that provides essential services, and grant funded programs to approximately 600 members. We have 5 elected Councilors that provide governance for our community and one administrator to incorporate the policies and by-laws. OUR MISSION is to provide; good government, services and facilities necessary to maintain a safe and viable community.

THE IDEA: Secondary Student Initiative
I have a couple idea's that fall under this initiative. The first would be funding trips to University/College open houses for grade 10 & 11 high school students. High Schools generally offer day trips for grade 12 students to attend open houses in Edmonton (good opportunity but lacking in variety due to budget and time). This initiative would allow grade 10 &11 students the opportunity to attend these open houses. Students would obtain vital information and the drive at an earlier stage in their high school years, enabling them to achieve the grades needed to accomplish their goals. My second idea is built upon the open house program by providing scholarships to those who are currently enrolled in a secondary institution by providing valuable information to upcoming high school graduates in our community and helping with the transition from high school to university/college. A support group can be started where they can discuss anything and everything, from "skip the dishes" to "uber". Have workshops for budgeting, self defense classes, cooking, tutoring, attending the open houses with our grade 10 & 11 students and act as a personal guide of sorts (interpreter). If this idea works it would be creating a loop if held annually thus paying it forward.

Who Will it Benefit?

1st Initiative: The Open House Trips would benefit the high school students and caregivers, in that the students would have an idea of on campus life, find out what supports are offered, application deadlines, and what kind of grades they would need throughout high school in order to be successful. Goals would be realized at an earlier phase and enhance the importance of high school throughout the students years. Hopefully the impact would result in a decline in criminal activity and mental health issues. A healthy community is a productive community
2nd Initiative: Immediate beneficiaries would be current and upcoming Secondary Students and their families by helping to alleviate financial burdens Long term beneficiaries would include the community and the surrounding area by having students bring their expertise home. Local nurses, social workers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, administrators, accountants, etc would return to enhance their communities and cultures.