Silver Skate Festival 2022

The Cause

The Silver Skate Festival is celebrating 32 years in 2022 with ambitions of creating another incredible winter experience for Albertans. With over 30 events taking place over the course of the festival, including a variety of artistic practices, sports and recreational activities, family-friendly events, and Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ programming, we aim to create a diverse, welcoming space for our entire community.
By creating a winter wonderland in William Hawrelak Park, with a multitude of sporting events (including snowshoeing, skiing, skating, etc.), artistic installations, live music, theatrical events, and much more, we're inviting the people of Edmonton to be active, and to engage them in artistic and cultural practices, all while incorporating Canadian Heritage.
Edmonton is an artistic and multicultural hub, so we believe that this integral part of our community should be celebrated year-round. Silver Skate Festival is an opportunity for Canadians and friends to get in touch with their roots, enjoying a host of activities, and embracing winter for all of its beauty.

Who Will it Benefit?

Silver Skate Festival is a community event that celebrates culture, art, sports, and heritage. This festival will benefit Edmonton's community by allowing community members to engage in a celebration of Alberta's winters. By igniting Hawrelak Park, the festival brings to light the opportunities our cold winters can bring. It is an opportunity for local Albertans to continue celebrating in winter activities while newcomers can venture out into our unique winter festivities. Silver Skate Festival is a place where community and culture are celebrated, and we aim to continue building our festival to have something for everyone.
The festival is planned with the community. We collaborate with community members to create programs and events that engage with our impacted community members. As most of the events of the Silver Skate Festival are free, we are extremely accessible for community members of all ages and demographics. Our festival is very family-friendly, with all-ages events, and a school program, which encourages youth to embrace winter activities. With our arts practices, sporting events, and LGBTQ2+ and Indigenous programming, we’ve created a diverse and welcoming space for all.