Skill Builder Programs

The Cause

Trico Centre is a not-for-profit charitable facility that works in partnership with over 30 south Calgary communities. Under our current umbrella of Child and Youth Programs you will find a variety of sessions, including parent and tot, preschool, gym and aquatics programs, summer day camps, dance, and skating. Beginning September 2022, Skill Builder Programs were launched to help fill a gap in services (supporting the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of children and youth).

What are Skill Builder Programs?

Skill Builder Programs are accessible, community-based support programs for young persons ages 5-14 years.
Programs will be offered 4 times per year (Jan-March, April-June, Sept-Oct, Nov-Dec).
The Trico Centre program guide and online registration is available at
Targeted Skill Builder Programs give children and youth extra time and opportunity to learn, practice, and boost skills that may be challenging or lagging in development.

Developmental areas often flagged as needing additional support during early years / school-aged:
• Fine motor skill development
• Gross motor skill development
• Social / Friendship skills
• Executive Functioning support strategies
• Self-Regulation support strategies
• Opportunities to participate and build confidence in Recreational Sports.

Facilitators will engage children and youth through relationship building, skill practice, and teaching targeted strategies. Weekly lessons may include: circle discussions, ice breaker activities, offering clear/brief instructions, breaking down skills into smaller parts, scaffolding, visual aids, role modeling, storytelling, teaching fundamental movement skills, offering verbal praise/encouragement, and goal setting.

We want to help young people develop foundational skills that they can transfer to home, school, and in the community.

Our qualified facilitators work with small group sizes to best support individualized needs.

In some situations, a 1-on-1 aide may be the best option for a young person to experience success. It is important to consider safety, supervision, learning, and participation.

Parents are encouraged to reach out to the Child and Youth Programs Director to discuss and pro-actively plan support options.

Who Will it Benefit?

Targeted Skill Builder Programs are aimed to support children ages 5-14 years. Program registration does not require a referral or formal assessment. Programs have been scheduled after school hours and on weekends.

-In our school systems, funding and access to additional support services is often limited and flagged for a small group of children who have presented with the most severe challenges or needs.
-When families are considering support programs, they may face barriers such as: a lack of a formal diagnosis in order to register/participate, limited spaces, long waitlists, program has minimal/temporary funding, support is only available during school hours.
-For a child to be flagged for services (outside of school), this would involve a skilled teacher who (1) identifies the child’s needs and (2) communicates this information with caregivers in a timely manner. Caregivers would then need to explore support services by (1) possibly connecting with a family doctor for referral, (2) practicing patience during waitlist periods, and (3) considering accessing private support (if feasible).

Average cost:
Psychologist $190-$225 hr
Occupational Therapist $100-$120 hr
Speech Language Pathologist $115-$150 hr