Spectrum 2023

The Cause

The Spectrum festival is holding its “30ish” festival in Medicine Hat, Alberta in 2023. 30th anniversaries are a big deal and we are aiming to make it spectrum’s biggest festival ever. In 2022 we partnered with three different community stakeholders (including indigenous and LGBTQ stakeholders) and were able to showcase diversity within our community. While 2022 was a great success, we have already secured partnership with twelve local stakeholders in the community to magnify and showcase the great cultures and diversity that makes Medicine Hat such a great community in 2023.
During the festival weekend nestled in the beautiful Kin Coulee Park we showcase local musician, crafters, local to die for food, and other great local talent, all while showcasing other great talent from across the country. In 2022 we were able to showcase twenty-seven musicians and performing acts, local southern Alberta Wrestlers, and three-day trade show dedicated to local vendors.
In 2023 we look to make it even bigger, by securing additional talent, vendors, and fireworks shows. Our plan for 2023 is grand and ambitious to host the majority of the festival in Kin Coulee but to also have pop up events throughout the city during the festival weekend while making all main stage concerts and wrestling events completely free of cost to attend. This will allow us show off the neighborhood gems across the community. This is what the weekend would look like:

Festival hours 4-1am
Main stage 4-10pm (8-10 Negotiating Calgary based CCMA Nominated Nice Horse), Beer gardens stage 11-1pm,
Kids Zone: 42 jump castles, peddle cars, and obstacle courses (local company)
Trade show 4-8pm Local vendors, Community Non-profit and charity Trade show
90 min stampede wrestling 5-630pm
Small Fireworks show 10:30pm
Festival hours 10-1am
Main stage 10-10pm (8-10 Negotiating Hunter Brothers or Chevels), Beer gardens stage 11-1am
Kids Zone: 10-8pm
Local vendors, Community Non-profit and charity Trade show
90 min stampede wrestling
Large Fireworks show 10:30pm
Downtown Street hockey fundraiser for Alberta Children’s Hospital
Willowbend Equestrian Horse Show
MHSBA Skate School
Festival hours 10-5
Main stage 10-5pm (Exploring booking Old Soul Rebel),
Kids Zone
Local vendors, Community Non-profit and charity Trade show
90 min stampede wrestling
Battle of the High School Bands
In negotiations Free swimming at the BMGC
Indigenous performers
Charity Burger, Poutine, chili cook off

Who Will it Benefit?

Spectrum provides benefits to a wide variety of people groups, families, charities, craftsmen, businesses, and stakeholders by way of opportunity in reaching the public and provide and environment that grows community spirit. We give a platform for charities, immigration support groups, LGBTQ+, mental health support groups to reach a greater exposure public (7000-10000 people) to showcase their impacts. They get a free both in our community trade show, and if they choose to put together a show can also be booked for the main stage. In 2022, we were able to showcase thirty five local vendors and supplies increasing their exposure and public reach.