Spokes For Little Folks

The Cause

Spokes For Little Folks is an event that will provide 30-60 under-privileged youths between the ages of 7 and 10 from low-income families with a special once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Working with various family-orientated organizations, we will hand-select up to 60 kids for the event. The event will be hosted at Chinook Centre's Paramount Theatre on a Saturday morning. The kids will be treated to private screening of a current family-friendly movie, with popcorn and beverages. After the movie, unbeknownst to the children, they will each receive brand-new bicycles and helmets. The kids will then spend the next hour or so riding their new bikes around a course set up in the parking lot. there will also be a hot lunch and cotton-candy for the kids and their families. We will also provide other attractions such as an inflatable bounce house and face-painting activities.

Who Will it Benefit?

Low-income families face many struggles. Things such as an outing to a movie, or a bicycle and helmet can cause a financial strain on a family, and are often things at are not within the grasp of these families. The families that will be positively impacted are single-parent households, recent immigrant families, or those who are simply struggling financially due to various reasons. The children benefit by the experience that otherwise would be out of their reach, and by helping to foster healthier lifestyles through cycling and physical activities, not to mention the social element to the event. No longer will these lucky kids be left out of the group when the rest of their friends head out for a summer afternoon bike ride.

We want the kids and their families to no longer feel alienated from their peers and neighbours by providing them with something that many of us simply take for granted.