Stampede for All

The Cause

The Calgary Stampede is an exciting time of year that brings the best of our city to citizens, visitors and the communities we live in. It’s a time where people loosen their collars, dust off their belt buckles boots and jump into the spirit of Stampede with both cowboy boots. We recognize Stampede is a special time of the year and something unique to Calgary. We also recognize enjoying these festivities may be prohibitive to some of our city’s most vulnerable because of cost or physical ability.

We want to bring Stampede to the people. On July 8, we would like to bring together Horizon Housing Society’s tenants and community partners to a special Stampede BBQ. Over lunch, Horizon Housing Society’s staff and volunteers will tie on aprons and fire up the barbecues as tenants of all ages and abilities arrive by bus to enjoy an afternoon of Stampede-themed entertainment, food, music and fun.

To make this event successful, we will rent tents, barbecue equipment, hay bales, audio equipment, tables and chairs. We’ll purchase burgers, salads, beverages and other treats for lunch. We’ll enlist the help of local entertainers including a DJ, face painter and photographer to capture the smiles and joy the Stampede brings to so many.

We intend to hold this Stampede BBQ July 8, from 11am – 1pm at one of our buildings, Alice Bissett Place. Because the majority of our tenants do not own vehicles, and many are also in wheelchairs or otherwise physically challenged, we will deploy shuttle buses to pick up residents at our six other apartment buildings. Upon arrival, tenants will be greeted with the sound of country music, smell of barbecue burgers and sights of a stampede-themed partys – hay bales and all.

Who Will it Benefit?

We have the venue. We’ve got the man power. All we need is support of one generous organization to bring the food, entertainment and Stampede Spirit to nearly 700 vulnerable Calgarians who may not normally have the means or physical ability to experience the Calgary Stampede.

A contribution from Field Law means much more than just a party. Vulnerable populations in our city need a community to support them in their efforts to maintain their homes long-term. Events like this Stampede BBQ are the first step to creating community, where individuals and families can make friends, establish connections and ultimately develop a support network that helps them better manage life’s challenges. By contributing to this year’s Tenant Stampede BBQ, you are helping to lay a foundation of community for many Calgarians in need.

This is also a rewarding opportunity for staff and volunteers. While they serve our tenants on a day-to-day basis, this is an opportunity to get to know them and to serve them in a way that goes beyond the tenant-landlord relationship. It allows our staff to create relationships and an experience staff and guests alike will remember fondly.

Our commitment to the people we serve is not just to provide houses to people in need. It’s to provide homes. Events like this allow us to lay the foundation for home, a place a person takes pride in, cares for and seeks solace, safety and comfort in. We have a responsibility to foster this kind of home and know that Field Law can help us establish a foundation to do so.